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Bowling Alleys in Albany, NY

If you’re visiting the Albany, NY area and you’re interested in a fun activity, bowling is always a good option. There are a few popular bowling alleys that are located in Albany, NY

Playdium Bowling Center has a very old school vibe to it. However, they have made some updates so there is electrical scoring and a full snack bar. If you go at the right time you can get a really good deal. Tuesdays-Thursdays from 9pm-midnight they have $2 games and $1 shoes. Pizza, burgers, fries, hot dogs and sodas are all $1 during this time as well!

Sunset Recreation is also a bowling alley that’s open to the public, but it’s more updated. It’s a great location for a birthday party. They have a snack bar, small arcade and plenty of parking.

Bowling is something you can do all year round with people of all ages! It’s fun with a group or just two people. These alleys are located within miles of the Best Western Hotel.